Something Christians need to get back to, and thankfully many are, is the reading, memorizing, and reciting of the old confessions and creeds. These documents were drafted by very devout men, who articulated the essential articles of faith in such a way as to be succinct and edifying. Most of the questions people ask of the faith are answered within these creeds and confessions.

If you have never read them before, here is list of some of the best:

Westminster Confession of Faith, as well as the Longer and Shorter Catechisms

The Belgic Confession

The Heidelberg Catechism

The 1689 London Baptist Confession

The Chalcedonian Definition of Faith

The Apostles Creed

The Nicene Creed

None of them take long too read so maybe today, instead of reading about that embarrassment of a game from the Cavaliers, you can read one or two of these creeds and confessions.

(I will embed links, some free some not, but all have free PDF versions somewhere in the interspace. Also, the New Reformation Study Bible [R.C. Sproul General Editor] from Ligonier Ministries has most of these in the back).

Here is an excerpt from one I was reading today, on a topic I believe many churches have lost the understanding, the meaning, and importance of: the sacraments/ordinances.

On the Lord’s Supper from the Heidelberg Catechism:

Q.76: What is it then to eat the crucified body, and drink the shed blood of Christ?

A: It is not only to embrace with a believing heart all the suffering and death of Christ, and thereby to obtain pardon of sin and life eternal; but also, besides that, to become more and more united to His sacred body, by the Holy Ghost, who dwells both in Christ and in us; so that we, though Christ is in heaven, and we on earth, are not withstanding “flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone”; and that we live, and are governed forever by one spirit, as members of the same body are by one soul.