Theology Brewers Ep 7: How the Church got the Bible.

Ever wonder how the books that are in the Bible got there? And why do Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestant Bibles have different books on their Bibles?

Grab a drink and sit back for this overview of how the Bible came to exist as it now is!


Episode 5: Churches and the Bible. Why?

In this episode we talk about the Bible and common myths. Is it full of errors? Yes. What!? Watch and find out!



Resources Referenced in the Video:

Dan Wallace vs Bart Ehrman:

James White vs Muslim on Reliability of the New Testament vs the Qur’an:

Dan Wallace Shorter video on New Testament Reliability:

Be sure to check out the documentary “The God Who Speaks”. It’s free if you have an Amazon Prime membership!

And check out our website: I (Samuel) have done a couple lectures on this topic as well.

Episode 4: G3 and More Church Stuff

On this episode we discuss a podcast done by the Presbycast on conference culture. We talk about the G3 conference; and then also look at Acts 15 and debate our different perspectives on Church Polity. And yes, it is exciting. Thank you for thinking so.

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