Chiastic Confession

Awesome insight.

Cultus and Culture

Peter Leithart wrote about the chiastic structure laying on top of Luke’s account of the crucifixion, in Luke 23:

A– Jewish rulers mock (v 35)
B– Roman soldiers mock (vv 36-37)
C– One of the criminals mocks (v 39)

C’– Criminal confesses Christ (vv 40-43)
B’– Roman soldier confesses (v 47)
A’– Jewish ruler confesses (vv 50-53)

A few things to note here. At first glance, this structure seems unfaithful to the text because it ignores the central event of Luke 23, namely, the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. But in Luke, as in all the gospels, witness is key. The concept of witness does not stop at the facts of what has happened; it demands that the one witnessing the events recorded responds to the message. There’s certainly room for reflection there.

Also note the progression. At first Jesus descends. The ruling class scoffs, then the soldiers rail, then…

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